Aliwa Inspired Ventures

1000 By 2020

Refurbishing community libraries.


Grace Amey-Obeng Foundation International

Offering employable skills training programmes for the vulnerable in society


Child Lifeline Lagos Drop-In Centre

Creating a center where children can "drop-in" to receive basic medical care,
literacy and numeracy training, a free meal, and overnight shelter.


Creating Angels on Earth

This project is the creation of the Angels on Earth Foundation
to help young people in the multiple obstacles they face


Happy Marriages

This project is aimed at reducing the number of marriage annulments and dissatisfied marriages




  • Online Curriculum to Address Skill Gap

    Delivering an online curriculum to students in Nigeria that addresses the skill gap that exists in the country. ADEBAYO OYEWOLE

  • Journalists in Search of Excellence

    Improving the quality of journalism through a mentoring network where young journalists can be helped and supported to produce and publish the kind of stories that transcend the limitations of their newsrooms. AUDREY GADZEKPO

  • Tree Planting in Ghana

    Embarking on a massive tree planting campaign through music and awareness creation in all the 10 regions of Ghana. BICE KUFFOUR

  • Debate for Development

    Creating a national debate organization to get Ghana participation in the world debating championships, improve the analytical and “thinking on the feet” skills of Ghanaians, improve on people’s tolerance for opposing views and generally improve the quality of national discourse. BENJAMIN DABRAH

  • Kiddiepreneurship

    Coaching youth aged between 12 and 19 years in entrepreneurship, career planning, investment communication skills, ethics and etiquette among others. COMFORT OCRAN

  • Citizenwatch

    Promoting the involvement of residents in supporting and improving Local Government Areas performance. HABIBA BALOGUN

  • IGNITE – from dreams to reality

    Creating a television program that seeks to educate Nigerians on the principles of entrepreneurship. IBUKUN AWOSIKA

  • Badge of Excellence

    Making 50 graduates work ready each year. DAVID AWUAH-DARKO

  • A.G.E – Association of Ghana’s Elders

    Giving senior citizens a voice and a platform to engage economically, socially and politically as stakeholders in their community. ESI ANSAH

  • IOpenEye

    IOpenEye is a production company that empowers Nigerians to fight status quo which limit progress of the society, especially the rights of women. IFEOMA OBIANWU-FAFUNWA

  • Voice Off Africa Forum

    The Voice Off Africa Forum (VOAF) aims to close the gap between media entrepreneurs and the investment community. JULIET ASANTE

  • Venture Funding in West Africa

    Mediating venture funding for pure-play information technology startups to seed a high tech industry in West Africa. KOFI DADZIE

  • 1000 by 2020

    Refurbishing community libraries by persuading the federal and state legislatures to pass the laws to make it mandatory for each local government to establish and sustain at least 1 functional community library that doubles as a community centre at any point in time. MUHTAR BAKARE

  • Mobility Aid to Polio Survivors

    Providing mobility aids to children in primary schools in Gombe Local Government Area with mobility challenges. MUSA ISHIYAKU MOHAMMED

  • Green Lagos

    Creating public green spaces and parks across Lagos State. OBIARA NWOGUGU

  • Teachers4Change Project

    Creating a 2 – year continuous teacher development program that involves training and mentoring of public/government owned primary school teachers in Lagos, State to be executed by reputable “best practice” private schools. OLANIKE DE SOUZA

  • The Teacher as an Agent of Change

    The purpose of this project is to create a movement of teachers that do not just look at teaching as a vocation but to see themselves more as agent of change in society and how they fit in the transformation of society. SAMUEL ATTAH MENSAH

  • University Study Aids

    Establishing a center that makes study aids available to post secondary school students in Nigeria. OLATOYISI KOLAWOLE

  • Massey Street Children’s Hospital

    Transitioning the 100-year old facility that has operated as a Children’s Hospital for 50 years into a world-class teaching and research children’s regional referral hospital. ORODE DOHERTY

  • Accra Reading Program

    Improving reading habits and the knowledge base of pupils in rural Accra by stocking libraries with relevant books and by forming reading clubs in the schools and communities in rural areas. SAMUEL ATTAH MENSAH