Voice Off Africa Forum


Voice Off Africa Forum

The Voice Off Africa Forum (VOAF) aims to close the gap between media entrepreneurs and the investment community.

It is a yearly investor forum that directs capital flow towards media entrepreneurs. As the fourth arm of governance and government, the media is a critical industry to the maintenance of a good society and an invaluable industry in any fledgling democracy.

Media in Africa however remains colossally challenged. Key amongst the challenges being limited capital flow leading to an undeveloped sector that lends itself to corruption and an undermining of the ethics of the industry, jeopardizing most African countries’ a smooth transition to democracy and denying its people unbiased voice and representation.

As the 8th largest industry on the continent however, the sector has huge unexplored investment opportunities. It is however imperative that this drive to sustain the sector and lead to real growth be propelled by real capital flow towards the media entrepreneur. Only then can the sector witness real growth.

The forum presents a platform for the two to seek real solutions to issues preventing a smooth coupling. It impacts skills to the media entrepreneur to facilitate an efficient engagement with investment on one hand and presents an industry learning forum for the investor. Juliet is also involved with a campaign to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancy and death in Africa, information about which can be found here: http://bit.ly/rl3afC

ISSUE AREA: Communications & Media.

LOCATION: Ghana, Africa.

STATUS: Active.