A.G.E – Association of Ghana’s Elders


A.G.E – Association of Ghana’s Elders

Giving senior citizens a voice and a platform to engage economically,
socially and politically as stakeholders in their community.

AGE (Association of Ghana’s Elders) aims to rally senior citizens and set them up as a powerful bloc of stakeholders in the society at large, giving them voice and multiple platforms for engagement economically, socially, politically and in other meaningful ways.

At the micro/individual level, through AGE, Ghana’s elders will find better access to products and services that will improve their quality of life and provide a support group that speaks to their specific needs. At the meso/institutional level, they will gain strength as a bloc that can lobby for better goods and services, and serve as a ‘vigilante’ group that will push and work with institutions across sectors to deliberately factor senior citizens in their current and future plans.

At the macro/national level, they will be policy advocates in areas of concern, and become an influential body that will help to shape current and future policies that affect the aged. They will also serve as repositories of information and beneficiaries of research conducted across the country (and continent at large) to help governments, business and non-profit organizations as well as individuals to understand issues regarding senior citizenship.

ISSUE AREA: Aging Populations.

LOCATION: Ghana, Africa.

STATUS: Active.