Aliwa Inspired Ventures

Grace Amey-Obeng Foundation International

Offering employable skills training programmes for the vulnerable in society


Child Lifeline Lagos Drop-In Centre

Creating a center where children can "drop-in" to receive basic medical care,
literacy and numeracy training, a free meal, and overnight shelter.


Happy Marriages

This project is aimed at reducing the number of marriage annulments and dissatisfied marriages


1000 By 2020

Refurbishing community libraries.


Creating Angels on Earth

This project is the creation of the Angels on Earth Foundation
to help young people in the multiple obstacles they face




  • Springboard Road Show

    Creating an annual nation-wide motivational Road Show that equips students and young executives with skills in planning, investment, entrepreneurship, career development, and relationships. ALBERT OCRAN

  • WISCAR (Women-in-Successful Careers)

    WISCAR is a gender empowerment and mentoring initiative for professional career women. AMINA OYAGBOLA

  • Public Procurement Act of 2003

    Challenging Ghanaian public servants to uphold the Public Procurement Act of 2003. MICHAEL QUARSHIE

  • The Teacher as an Agent of Change

    Helping Nigerian youths in competing globally and in defeating the abhorrent digital divide. FLORENCE SERIKI

  • Legal Aid Project

    Running a private legal aid program for Ghanaians because issues of access to justice are central to any democracy. YONNY KULENDI

  • Girls Identified For Training Education and Development (GIFTED) Scholarship

    Providing scholarship support, linking girls with mentors, and working with parents and religious leaders to advocate a supportive environment for girls and encourage their training, education, and overall development. HAJARA ADEOLA

  • Society for Corporate Governance

    Fabian project is focused on corporate governance and is themed ‘Society for Corporate Governance’. FABIAN AJOGWU

  • Internship Portal

    Using an online portal to improve access to internship opportunities and experiences for Ghanaian students Internship Portal. ESTELLE AKOFIO-SOWAH

  • Scholarship Fund

    Creating a scholarship that will identify brilliant but needy students from rural areas who are unable to finance university studies. ACE ANKOMAH

  • Crowdsourcing and Public Accountability

    Increasing accountability and decrease corruption in Nigerian government by utilizing mobile phones as platforms citizen complaints and feedback via text messages and the Web. OLUSOJIAPAMPA

  • Crayon Magazine

    Crayon Magazine is a magazine written for students by students. KOBINA ASMAH

  • Child Education and Healthcare

    Using a new foundation to reduce poverty and keep children in school. SHIRLESAYORKOR BOTCHWAY

  • Thought Leadership Forum

    This project brings together middle class professionals and other citizens to contribute to national discourse. YONNY KULENDI

  • Transforming Nigeria through the transformation of the Church

    Developing pastors as change agents. JOHN ENELEMEH

  • Children and the Creative Arts

    Creating a program for underprivileged children that will expose them to arts and culture. FEMI LIADU

  • Child Mentoring

    Giving underprivileged girls the opportunity to meet with key female officials in government. NANA OYE LITHUR

  • Art, a Universal Language

    Working with an association of artists to highlight and improve Nigeria’s art scene. SANDRA MBANEFO-OBIAGO

  • Promoting the Rights of the Underprivileged Girl-Child in Ghana

    Identifying two low rated girls’ senior high schools in Ghana and establishing a mentoring system for about 100 selected girls from low income families in these. SHEILA MINKAH-PREMO

  • PDL for NYSC

    Providing personal development and leadership workshops to members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nigeria. BASHIR MUNDI

  • Socio-Political Citizen Outreach

    Encouraging citizen participation in socio-political activities. FRANKLYN NLERUM