Africa Leadership Initiative–West Africa (ALIWA) 2015 -2017 Class of Fellows

Africa Leadership Initiative–West Africa (ALIWA) 2015 -2017 Class of Fellows
September 21, 2015 ALIWA


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Lagos, Nigeria August 3rd, 2015 – Africa Leadership Initiative–West Africa (ALIWA) introduces the 2015 -2017 Class of Fellows. The class is made up of 25 Ghanaians and Nigerians. The Fellowship mobilizes entrepreneurial leaders from business, government and civil society who share a commitment to enlightened leadership. Selected Fellows are proven leaders between the ages of 30 and 45; they will meet four times over a two year period to participate in Aspen Institute moderated discussions on the Good Society, and the challenges of transitioning their lives from “Success to Significance”.

An event was held to introduce the 2015-2017 class to the Fellows from previous classes (Totum Bonum 2006, Sankofa 2009, and Muje Ghangeria 2012). Having been through the Leadership seminars, Fellows shared their personal experiences and encouraged the new Fellows to take full advantage of this opportunity to step away from the “busyness” of professional and personal lives to recalibrate; to sit, think and talk about values, principles, leadership – that is, what sort of leaders we want to be and the sort of leaders we need in Nigeria.

Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa seeks to raise a breed of community-spirited leaders in every sector – individuals who have achieved notable success in their fields – to tackle the core developmental needs of our communities. These Fellows are nominated on merit (track-record of significant achievements), and go through a rigorous selection process at the end of which they are sponsored through a two-year class comprising of four residential seminars: “The Challenge of Leadership”, “The Aspen Seminar”, “Leading in an Era of Globalization”, and “The Promise of Leadership”. These seminars, adapted from the prestigious Henry Crown Fellowship Program of the Aspen Institute (USA), is at the core of ALIWA’s existence. Till date, ALIWA has successfully graduated three classes of Fellows.

Upon successful completion of all four seminars, the Fellows embark on high-impact, social ventures – change initiatives in fields they are passionate about and can be of significant influence. Monitored by the Fellowship, these Fellows drive their initiatives and inspire other like-minded parties by their successes. The outcomes and impact from these social ventures are felt in every layer of the economy by children and youth, women, young professionals, and more. ALIWA Fellows join the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN) which boasts of over 2000 dynamic Leaders across 49 countries worldwide.


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